A fine question to be sure - after all many a Captain sails these waters;


so why this Captain?  We'll let you in on a little secret ....


We are not a greedy party company looking to make your pockets lighter.

We are but humble pirates who truly love what we do!

Seeing the smiles on peoples faces as the Captain swaggers in full force is a reward far beyond any monetary compensation - but alas we still be pirates and a bit o' booty never hurts!  And like every respectable pirate we adhere to a code.


The Pirates Code


YOU CAN TRUST OUR JACK - Our Jack is fully covered by public liability insurance and also has been police checked, insurance policy and proof of CRB check available on request


NO POOR IMITATORS - Our Jack has spent more time than a sane person should, to make sure you get the most authentic representation of the character you know and love. No detail is missing - from beads to costume, we guarantee the best!


NO CHEAP COSTUMES - The very thought of store bought costumes is enough to set us on a Tortugun plundering rampage. Accuracy to the movie is key.


NO QUESTIONABLE ENTERTAINMENT - For adults and children alike we vow to keep our performance at an age appropriate and professional level. FUN IS A MUST - It is our goal to brighten the days of both young, and young at heart; after all who can resist a laugh in the company of the Captain?